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Fundamental Neuroscience for Basic & Clinical Applications Duane E. Haines September 2006

Drug Localization in Tissues & Cells Walter E. Stumpf September 2006

Trail Guide to the Body DVD - 3 Disc set Andrew Biel with illustrations by Robin Dorn Video Guide to Palpation with Clint Chandler Books of Discovery June 2006


Digital Human Anatomy & Endoscopic Ultrasonography Manoop S. Bhutani, M.D. and John C. Deutsch, M.D. June 2006


Repair & Regeneration of Ligaments, Tendons & Joint Capsule William R. Walsh March 2006


Thieme Atlas of Anatomy (General Anatomy & Muscoloskeletal System) Michael Schuenke, Eric Schulte & Udo Schunacher March 2006


Grant's Atlas of Anatomy Anne M.R. Agur & Arthur F. Dalley March 2006


Clinically Oriented Anatomy Keith L. Moore & Arthur F. Dalley March 2006

Handbook of Cardiac Anatomy, Physiology & Devices Paul A. Iaizzo March 2006


Comparative Vertebrate Neuroanatomy (Evolution & Adaptation) Ann B. Butler & William Hodos March 2006


Gray's Anatomy for Students R.L. Drake, W. Vogl, A.W.M. Mitchell December 2005


Human Osteology & Skeletal Radiology Evan Matshes, Brent Burdridge, Belinda Sher, Adel Mohamed, & Bernhard Juurlink, with illustrations by Carrie Allen December 2005


Essentials of Anatomy 2nd Ed. Leslie P. Gartner and Maria A. Patestas December 2006